Solar Power Equipment that Guarantee Efficient Power Supply in Brisbane

The natural sunshine in Brisbane provides a great opportunity for harnessing solar energy for residential and industrial uses. Experts have noted that Brisbane receives over 5 hours of ample sunshine per day that is best for conversion to electrical energy. It is therefore prudent for you to install solar power and enjoy this natural gift to the maximum. Installing the new solar systems in Brisbane will save on your power bills immensely, allotting your money for other investments.

 The efficiency of your solar power system is the sum total of the quality of constituent components. Thorough research is needed while planning to install solar power in your home or premises. Some important considerations while installing solar energy system include…

Solar Panels’ Integrity

The quality of the panel is crucial in determining the efficiency of your system. Low quality panels used in a system will lead to a mismatch between the different components leading to system inefficiency. From a manufacturing point of view, the best solar panels are manufactured using top grade silicon, which results to longer lasting cells and better performance. Other performance factors include ability to meet the rated power, temperature tolerance, conversion efficiency and manufacturers guarantee on durability.

Inverter Model

The inverter is at the heart of the solar power generation. It converts direct current generated by the panels to alternating current. It is important to note that most home appliances operate with alternating current. The efficiency of the inverter must be as high as possible for best performance. The choice of the model is therefore very crucial and due diligence must be followed. Several high quality models are available for solar systems in Brisbane and your chosen provider must guide you on the best inverter based on a thorough needs analysis. German models such as the SMA model, solar edge and sun grow have gained popularity, as well as other high performance models, which can be recommended by your supplier.

Battery Storage Considerations

The quality of the battery affects system performance and efficiency. Earlier on, the lead acid battery was the most preferred but the lithium-ion batteries are gradually replacing it. Though affordable, the lead acid battery has proven to have shorter lifespan and higher maintenance than the lithium type batteries.  Apart from the cost, the cycle life is the next important consideration for a storage system. This is the number of charge and discharge cycles the battery provides before decreasing output to a certain level. It is imperative to gather this information from qualified suppliers to get maximum returns.

Cable Quality

The wiring used during installation is also important in the overall efficiency. Low-grade cables lead to power losses during transmission. The diameter of the cables must match up with the current generated by the panels and the inverter, to avoid energy loss and eliminate overheating. Good installation should also consider the distances especially from inverter to battery as well as maintaining firm connections to eliminate sparking.

Research from the solar power and equipment providers is of crucial importance before doing the actual installation. Experienced and qualified installers are now available, as well as advanced and efficient solar systems in Brisbane,to give you the best guidance.