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How to Brighten Up Your Home Naturally in 6 Ways

No one wants to live in a cave.

But if your home is dim even in broad daylight, then you seriously need to give those skylights Melbourne prices a look over. You can afford to get a roof skylight, you can bet on it.

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Because living in the dark and gloomy atmosphere is no life at all. And no price is too high to bring more natural light into your home.

But don’t just stop at adding skylights on your roof. There’s plenty more you can do to brighten up your home and make it feel airy

  1. Use lighter colours

You’ve probably heard this many times over, if you want to make a room look bigger, paint the walls bright and light. But this concept translates to other things around the home, such as draperies and accessories. Opting for light-coloured versions will boost brightness.

  1. Choose glossy and satin

Apart from light-coloured paint, you should choose those that have a glossy or satin finish. They do a better job in reflecting light than a matte finish, making space look bigger and brighter.

  1. Install wider, bigger windows and doors

This is one of the most natural ways to increase the amount of sunlight penetrating your home. It may not always be inexpensive or as competitive as skylights Melbourne prices, but it will be worth it. Along with custom Melbourne skylights, your home will be bright and airy during daytime and sparkly at night with the view of the twinkling stars you can see overhead.

Just make sure to choose double- or triple-glazed windows or those made with Low-E glass to ensure only light is filtered through while heat is kept out. This is also one way to ensure energy-efficiency in your home.

  1. Replace flooring with light-friendly variety

Wood, stone, and ceramic floors with a polished finish can act as light reflectors. As sunlight passes through the window and hits the floor, expect a room to brighten up as though you’ve turned on a light switch. Replacing floors is also a great way to update the interior of your home.

What if you prefer to use a carpet? Similar to draperies, accessories, and choice of paint, choose light-coloured or neutral ones.

  1. Hang mirrors strategically

Because mirrors reflect light, they can help boost brightness in your home interior. Hang them opposite a window to reflect incoming light. Hang them across another mirror for infinite reflections. Hang them across a great view, and you can bring the outdoors in.

  1. Go out and trim

Large and wide windows would not be much help if trees, bushes, and climbing plants are blocking them. How can light enter into your home? So get out there and give the greenery of your home a much-needed trimming. Just make sure not to overdo it and remove the source of shade in the process.

Start with skylights and then finish with tree trimming. Before you know it, your home interior will be flooded with natural light.

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